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Analysis of the development prospects of LED display segment market

2019-04-12 16:51:43

Analysis of the development prospects of LED display segment market

In the field of display, the biggest feature of LED display relative to other display devices is the "assembly" of the module, and because the basic pixel pitch can be adjusted according to the needs, the assembly can achieve large-scale "seamless" splicing, and LED display products are presented in a flexible and changeable style. Based on this characteristic of LED display, LED display screens have produced many market segments. With the development of technology, various market segments are showing their distinctive features. Amazing development potential.

LED display as a prominent LED display in the outdoor media market. With the continuous breakthrough of packaging technology and spacing technology, LED display has become more and more frequent in our field of vision, with its high brightness and wide viewing angle. The characteristics of the


adjustable screen area have gradually replaced the traditional advertising information to present a single billboard, light box, etc., which has become a new force for outdoor advertising media.
LED display screens are widely used in bustling streets, stations, shopping malls, landmark buildings, activity centers, etc.

The splicing and disassembly characteristics of the LED display screen make the rental screen module easy to “disassemble”, and can be assembled into various styles of display modes. The customization requirements are high, and the background and other backgrounds are often displayed on the stage and the party. The effect gives people a shocking audio-visual sense. As a powerful device for shaping the atmosphere of the current stage, the culture, entertainment and sports industries are developing rapidly. In recent years, the rental screen market has developed rapidly.




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