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Detailed LED display aging knowledge

2019-08-05 14:47:22

Detailed LED display aging knowledge:

The aging of LED display screen is an essential step in the production process of LED display screen, and also a testing link in the production and testing of LED display screen, which is an important guarantee for the quality of LED electronic display screen.


LED aging test is a very important link in product quality control.LED products can improve their performance after aging and help stabilize their performance in later use.LED aging test is based on the characteristics of the failure rate curve of the product, namely the bathtub curve, to improve the reliability of the product.

LED display aging is divided into white light aging (4 hours) and video aging (48 hours).

LED aging includes constant current aging and constant pressure aging.

A constant current source is one in which the current is constant at all times.If you have frequency, you don't have constant current.That's alternating or pulsing current.Ac or pulsating current sources can be designed to have constant RMS, but such sources cannot be called "constant current sources".Constant current aging is in line with the characteristics of LED current and is a scientific way of LED aging.Overcurrent shock aging is also an aging method adopted by manufacturers. Through the use of constant-current sources with adjustable frequency and adjustable current, such aging can be carried out in order to judge the quality and life expectancy of LED in a short time, and pick out many hidden dangers of LED that cannot be picked out by conventional aging.

Then the LED display aging test attention

1, test content: white screen, red, green, blue monochrome, gray gradient, video effect, text effect

  1. The white-screen test time of led display shall not be less than 24 hours

3, monochrome, gray gradient test no less than 24 hours

4, video, text effect test no less than 24 hours

  1. The led display aging test must be attended by someone, and any problems found shall be reported to the engineering manager for treatment.


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