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How to improve the quality of stage rental led display

2019-07-30 13:13:09

How to improve the quality of stage rental led display.Many people in the industry know that stage rental screen display effect will affect users and the masses.If you want the perfect experience, you need to control and improve the quality of the stage rental screen.LED displays are integral to advertising, events, corporate gatherings, press releases and other large events.Many companies lease directly from rental companies, so the safety and stability of the stage rental screen is particularly important in the overall use of the screen, especially in those rental series for stage performances.So, how can we control and improve the quality of stage rental screens?What is the indicator of stage rental LED screen display quality?

Keep the humidity of the environment used in the stage rental screen, and do not let anything with damp properties enter your stage rental screen.Powering the stage rental screen containing humidity will cause corrosion to the stage rental screen components, which will cause permanent damage and therefore cannot be carried out.In addition, if the stage rental screen is flooded for various reasons, please immediately turn off the power and contact the maintenance staff until the display panel in the screen is dry.

Second, the power supply needs to be stable, good grounding protection, not in bad natural conditions, especially in the strong lightning weather.To avoid possible problems, we can choose passive protection and active protection, try to keep items that may damage the stage rental screen away from the screen, and wipe the screen as gently as possible to minimize damage.

Three, there is also need to do about the stage rental screen switch sequence: first turn off the LED display, and then turn off the computer.

1.The playing time should not be all white, all red, all green, all blue, etc., in order to avoid electric current large, too hot power cord, LED lamp damage, affect the service life of the display.

2.After the computer is turned on, first control the computer to make it run normally, and then open the LED display screen. not be exposed to outdoor environment for a long time, wind, sunlight, dust, etc. are easy to dirty, after a period of time, the screen is definitely a piece of dust, need to be cleaned immediately.

4.Do not disassemble or splice the screen at will!Stage rental screen and our users are most closely related, it is very necessary to clean and maintain the work.

5.Periodically check whether the stage rental screen works properly.The line is not damaged.If it doesn't work, replace it immediately.If the line is damaged, it should be repaired or replaced in time.

6.The surface of the stage rental screen can be wiped with alcohol, or dust can be removed with a brush or a vacuum cleaner, and cannot be directly wiped with a wet cloth.


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