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Identify the level of LED display screen through the phenomenon

2019-08-05 14:44:22

Identify the level of LED display screen through the phenomenon.LED display industry is a big wulin, many LED display enterprises are exploring new development road, the development model of successful enterprises is like a set of wulin secrets.Unfortunately, most of these martial arts secrets only have the outline of the moves, and very few people to carefully study the moves, so many people went off the deep end.

As far as LED display industry is concerned, high and low end is comfortable!

In the LED display industry, you will often hear such a rhetoric, this manufacturer is doing the channel, this manufacturer is doing the engineering, but just think, which manufacturing enterprises do not need channel sales to survive and develop?This problem, in fact, is as simple as "tomatoes are never tomatoes, potatoes are not potatoes," the same truth, even the essence of things are forgotten.

In fact, as long as there is buying and selling, then there must be channels in between.LED display manufacturers are the manufacturers of products, namely the seller, and end consumers are the buyers. In the process of selling products to end consumers, the middle connection point is the channel.No matter through engineering channels, overseas sales channels, platform sales channels, traditional distribution channels, direct sales channels, or e-commerce channels that have become popular in recent years, or even pyramid retail channels, enterprises need to deliver products to consumers in a reasonable way.


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