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perimeter LED display

S10 P10 SMD perimeter LED display

Pixel pitch: 10mm LED configuration: SMD3535 Cabinet size: 1280x960mm Brightness: 5500nits Protection grade: IP65 Application: Outdoor stadium

led Display Screen

C series p1.667mm technical led Display Screen

Pixel pitch : 1.667mm . High refresh rate: 3840HZ . Module calibration . Low brightness high grey scale . Noiseless without fans

led display

Cseries p1.25mm technical led display Hot Sale

Pixel pitch : 1.25mm . High refresh rate: 3840HZ . Module calibration . Low brightness high grey scale . Noiseless without fans

Installed Led Display

F03 Outdoor Fixed Installed Led DisplayOutdoor Price

● Pixel pitch: 3.0mm ● Module size: 192x192mm ● Protection grade: IP65 ● Application : Outdoor fixed installation

indoor led screen

RII series P2.6mm indoor led screen

Pixel pitch: P2.6mm Cabinet size: 250x250mm Brightness: 1200nits Refresh rate: 3840Hz Maintenance: Front service Applications: Rental and fixed installations

Installation Led Display

RI series indoor led screen technical datas

● 100% front access : Modules / power supply/ receiving card can be removed from screen front. ● Noiseless design, excellent heat dissipation :  Quiet design without fans. ● Fast locking system :  easy and quick to assemble an big led screen, save labor cost and time. ● 3840Hz high refresh rate : Smooth and vivid videos without ripple and blank, clear images restored accurately, bringing to the audience greatest visual enjoy. ● Low brightness high grey-scale :  High grey-scale available even below 100nits brightness, the layering and vividness of the video superior to traditional screens.  

Led Display V02

Indoor Flexible Led Display V02

Pixel Pitch (mm):2.5 Physical Density (dot/m2):160000 LED Configuration:1R1G1B LED Type:SMD2020 Module Size (mm x mm):160x160


:Led Display Manufacturers

Led Display Manufacturers:

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